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The local people considered the object as a talisman on which the prosperity of Khuzestan and its inhabitants depended, and they collected 2, tomans BP 1, in the early 19th century to pay to keep it in place at Susa.

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Under this palace and down to virgin soil, the excavations revealed hundreds of tombs of the late 4th and the 3rd and 2nd millennia BCE de Mecquenem et al. At the southern end of the Acropolis, five underground galleries, evenly spaced vertically, were dug from the very start of the excavations The objective was to obtain information about the nature of the deep levels before exploring them in open trenches; then innine open trenches were made there de Morgan et al.

It really is not reality TV. Idem, Tchoga Zanbil Dur-Untash 1: Despite these encouraging discoveries, Rawlinson and the Trustees of the British Museum did not finance any further excavations at Susa.

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Excavations Rougeulle, in the mosque identified by Ghirshman have led to establishing that there were two successive buildings, one probably built in the course of the 7th century CE and the other in the 8th.

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Following the chance discovery of an Achaemenid column base, excavations and surveys between and led to discovery of a palatial complex Labrousse and Boucharlat, ; Boucharlat and Labrousse,which is attributed to Artaxerxes II r.

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Seventeen major and minor soundings were carried out on this hill, and some limited work was done in the palace. However, the technique used for the foundation of this edifice gravel and the re-use of elements of Achaemenid architecture make it possible to consider it as a reconstruction of an older monument see Steve et al.

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Some scholars regard it as a stately Online dating niveau, more or less resembling Greco-Bactrian buildings; others consider it as a temple, with no further explanation.

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