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Nostalgia chick dating todd in the shadows, channel awesome provides examples of:

Epic Review" done by Paw and his crew, Y goes into a massive rant when Roshi explains the plasma blasts from the palms as " airbending " Why don't they just lose it straight out of the womb Everyone wants Lupa, especially Todd who obsesses over her.

In the musical adaptation, that's exactly what happens.

Many missed the point and treated her like a woobienot listening to the fact that Nella wrote that sideplot herself and is perfectly happy with her appearance. In her Cruel Intentions review she points out that Amy Adams played Sarah Michelle Gellar's character in the direct to video prequel and says she's the only actress who would fail harder at playing a villain.

If you can't beat them, join them. The Critic is not happy about this.

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Fast forward to season 4 of Once Upon a Time where those three villainesses team up and call themselves the Queens of Darkness. Check the comments for any video which she appears in and you'll find plenty that gush about how awesome she is.

Maven of the Eventide. After To Boldly Fleeshe's going through the same thing. There's even been a trend for the Chick to be portrayed as the kind of goddess that takes sacrifices.

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Any video where Chick fights Critic about her role in the site, knowing now that Lindsay really didn't like the Distaff Nostalgia chick dating todd in the shadows idea to begin with and hates how she went about it see Old Shame below. Cutthroat Island had her return to lovable bitch territory.

She's come a long way from the Makeover Fairy. Doug's riffing on "Boys Beware" mocks this belief mercilessly. Between a long drought of videos, Lindsay posted one in the Summer of At the end of her "Top 10 Boy Bands of the '90s" episode, upon finding out about the existence of The Wanted, she immediately deems them as better than One Direction.

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Fountain of Memes "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: To some fans, "The Dark Nella Saga" just kept going and going and going As mentioned in Misaimed Fandomthis really pisses Lindsay off. But the problem was probably less the length of the arc itself - seven episodes, probably edging on three hours, all told - and more how an arc that seemed like it would be played out over a few weeks took two and a half months to release.

Lindsay seems to have noticed, given how Nella seems to have started appearing in almost every video after mid And You Were There: The new show has had each of the mane cast break down at least once. She introduced a character named "Lord MacGuffin ".

She gets roofied by Brian the Sex Predator, makes her face look like a skeleton at one point and does a pretty good imitation of The Joker when she's mocking the "Christmas Shoes" glurge.

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Her former roommate, Dan Roth, has been making more and funnier appearances, including a crossover with Music Movies. First time it's scary with Chick's screams, second time it's funny.