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I thought of her teasing her nipples with her soapy fingers before sliding them between her lush thighs and rubbing her clit.

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Mainly, because of his lechery and other human faults. As exciting as my fantasies were I knew they were twisted and mom loved me dearly, but as her son.

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My hand strayed to my cock, and I thought of her telling me the reason she had been alone since my jerk off father left last year to chase girls my age was she was waiting for me. Anonymous June 15, at When a large penis is forced into your butthole and you feel cum in your intestines the pain will rise up through her and she will know she is his.

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Especially if the school they attended was a very prestigious one, or conversely a Sucky School. I envisioned the moist lotion as being the inside of my mother's pussy as I focused on the plump lips barely covered by that purple strip.

But that's okay, because your slutty mom is laying in bed naked, playing with her pussy and thinking of her son's big dick.

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She's Book Dumbrather naive and ditzy, gluttonoussaid to be kind of fat and average-looking in-universe, trouble always seems to find her, and her parents are divorced which carries a big social stigma in Japan.

I figured my loving son has been such a good boy he should get a little peek at his mother. Could I be a bigger loser? It was a day like any other. Has been fired from their job.

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Most guys would be appalled if they'd dreamed of their mother sucking their cock like a porn star and begging their son to fuck them, but for me? I used to do a lot of role playing on line, most of it incest scenarios and I thought it would be fun to base a story on that premise.

Why not be more casual about it? They're full of cum, cum that is going to be in his mother's mouth very soon.


The way you're making her your little slut! GreenFlame July 28, at You coming all over my tits and me sucking it off my nipples.

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Only a slut would let her son fuck her ass. He did that for many here and whereas we will all miss his stories, I will miss the man even more.

He has been ill for quite some time and I wish him the best. That was why I was having a hard time dating girls the last few months.

You try to move, but I grab your hair in both hands and pull on it, holding you still while I fuck you. Anonymous July 17, at It explained…why you were apparently so focused on being single. Speaking of her pussy, she was bent over enough in the pic to get a look at the thin strip of purple material between her legs.

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A bad mommy would say no, but I'm your good mommy! I wasn't even going to send a picture, but I wanted to know what my son thought of me.