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He runs a successful tea shop, and is often mentioned in passing throughout the story by Dusk as a sort of adventurer that travels all around seeking ingredients for his teas.

She acts as a grandmotherly figure of a sort. Bronco Brothers- the group of Earth Pony siblings that have crushes on Rarity. Are You a Wizard.

She is the older sister of Sweetie Belle and the owner of the store that Dusk gets his table decorations from as well as the pony to shriek out Celetsia has disappeared.

Cheerily- MLP canon character who teaches the foals and was second place in the running of the leaves for the purpose of the fic.

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Tracks siblings- OC earth ponies: Caramel Apple- One of the numerous Apple Family relatives mentioned in passing in chapter 10, and part of cannon. He is part of Soarin's unit and one of his good friends and often gets into trouble with Captain Spitfire.

Dusk- once known as Harry Potter, he arrives in Equestria through accidental magic.

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Ponies who do not have magic or wings, but often have ties to the earth and have stronger endurance and strength. He's head of the Ponyville train station and Soarin's first handler. Cherry Drop- A unicorn Oc in the fic that has a hoof on the fruit produce industry outside of apples in Ponyville and makes pies for Dusk's shop.

Glad Giggles- owner of the Ponyville Joke Shop.

Applebloom- MLP cannon character, sister to Applejack and one of the 4 cutie mark crusaders. Earth Pony, dark Brown pelts with salt and pepper caramel coloured mane and tail, a robust body and mutton chops.

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Applejack- MlP cannon character, also one of the Mane 6. Rarity- MLP cannon character, also one of the Mane 6.

A word uttered when one screws up. Derpina Derpina Herpington is a female rage comic character derived Mlp dating sites the "DERP" rage comics, commonly used as the female counterparts of male rage comic characters in relationship or dating-related instances.

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Used as an interjection. She was once Princess Luna, younger sister to Princess Celestia, and god-like figure of the night, who was exiled to the moon for hundred years when she became twisted by dark forces.

Female ponies of later teens to adult age. Here you will find characters as they appear in order in the story, both made up and canon. Spread On Urban Dictionary [4]there Mlp dating sites a total of 31 entry submissions defining the word "Derp," with the earliest instance dating back to May 21st, Pegasus, Blue-white pelt with yellow white mane and a cloud with a crown over it for a cutie mark.

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