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I wasn't told what to expect once I was home. What is included in the cost of the scan?

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All was ok but in the morning this all changed. We are very sorry that your experience was poor on this occasion. However, in early pregnancy less that 7 weeksit may be necessary to perform an internal Medway hospital dating scan transvaginal scan to obtain clearer images of your baby and its surroundings.

They were too busy cleaning the ward for the next day patients. Overall I have never had such a poor experience and I feel let down and if I hadn't needed medication I would have had better care at home.

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The nurses on the day unit were just keen to get us home so that they could shut the ward at 1. Any questions I asked about my operation or symptoms the nurses couldn't answer they said it wasn't their field and I'd need to ask a doctor. I feel through no fault of the nurses they were too busy else where to run a ward I was left to my own devices.

The evening after my op 10pm instead of being taken to Ocelet ward like I expected I was taken to the day care ward.

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Nurses did not have time to care for us as inpatients they had their work looking after day procedure cases. Visited in May Marie gave Gynaecology at Medway Maritime Hospital a rating of 3 stars Hysterectomy My experience up until and including the day of my operation were fantastic.

We can only apologise that you found it lacking on this occasion. How do I get the results? We will give you a report, pictures and a DVD over 12 weeks free of charge of your scan.

Early, dating and viability scans (6 – 15 weeks)

The Ultrasonographer carrying out the scan will give you a clear explanation of the procedure before the examination and will explain what they can see on the monitor during the scan.

On leaving the hospital I didn't have any advice or exercises given. Normally we would ask you to attend with a full bladder so you can see the image of your baby clearly. After the scan you will be given a report of our findings and the Ultrasonographer will explain what you should do or who you should see next in your pregnancy.