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Her eyes were swollen shut after the brutal beating and she had to receive facial reconstruction surgery.

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Warner wears a different T-shirt for each segment, typically featuring an animal. Jason Gray and Stephen Meek play the British announcers. Development[ edit ] The show's existence was first noted in ; at the time, C.

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They are about Mr Smith's evil brothers trying to steal the family farm because they got jobs that they thought meant farmer pharmacist, ant farm seller, Red Sox farm team and law firm.

Ann pronounces her name as "Enn", leading to confusion over what her name is when she introduces herself to others. He has sociopath behavior when he seemingly kills Matt and eats a live mouse.

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His uniform is a full-body red spandex suit, with blue briefs and wristbands over the suit, a blue cape, blue domino mask, and a capital blue letter "L" emblazoned on the chest. Captain Literally uses his superpowers to make what was said become reality.

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Friedrich Schneider, a German academic who studies stereotypes of men who calls himself "the world's foremost authority on male anthropology".

Throw in a handsome tenant in the basement, a troubled teen who lives across the street and a plot that twists and turns at giddying speed and Mallory believes he has a recipe for global success.


Awkward Avoidance Viking segments are shot off-set with a single-camera setup and include an animated intro as well as a musical theme.

There have been three segments of dungeons and dragons.

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Often gets repeating items, such as a Xbox or iPhone, and will say "Cool, now I have two He debuted in Season 3, Episode 6. Jedediah has appeared in three segments. The featured cast members include: There have been three segments of "The Microworld".

Debuted Season 1, Episode 6. The best new thrillers of Girl In Snow Danya Kukalka Picador, Jan 11 The murder of a high-school princess seen through the eyes of the boy who was obsessed with her, maybe to a dangerous degree There have been five Lobster Bisque segments.

Owens and Hawkins have remained together, despite the violent end to Thanksgiving dinner Hawkins was arrested on Sunday and charged with second-degree assault, and later released on bond.

There have been three tongue-twister sketches. Comic situations arise when characters are faced with being required to do something bad to Dobby his manager at Walmart firing him as door greeter, Jason Bourne executing him, etc.

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Recurring characters and sketches[ edit ] The following characters and themes have appeared in at least three sketches: The Mad Scientist, played by Matt Meese, is a Frankenstein-esque scientist re-creating things such as sports, Valentine's Day, and junior high school.

There have been three Darth Sidious segments. Recurring elements include Stacey Harkey eating food during the sketch and Mallory Everton appearing suddenly from an unexpected place. In later segments, there have been various characters depicting different household furniture. The scenes are shot off-set at various locations, depending on the occupation.