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Mary excused the exiles and let them go back to Scotland. To get away, Hepburn kidnapped Mary with her assistance. The reason Mary was in prison was because she committed treason.

Explain the reasons for the growth of Protestantism in Scotland by Explain why Queen Elizabeth thought Mary was a danger to her.

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Mary remained an English prisoner until Elizabeth talked to a guy named Paulette to take the suggestion to murder Mary privately and spare her trouble of the execution. Open Document Mary Queen of Scotts The Renaissance was a time for influence, mainly by high officials such as kings and queens.

October oftwenty-four peers and counselors assembled at Father Inghay to put her on trial. She is the cousin of Queen Elizabeth I.

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Later on they convicted her. After months had gone by, Darnley was aroused to an explosion and fire.

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Darnley took the side of the Protestant lords, and murdered Riccio. She only had reign over Scotland for 6 years. On February 8th, dressed in red, Mary was about to face her death.

It was said that Hepburn had something to do with the murder. Queen Elizabeth delayed signing the death certificate until February 5th. When her husband could trust her, she left him and gave her son the crown.

The two became very close while growing up, even though Mary was more energetic than Francis.

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After his death, Mary went back to Scotland hoping to reassert her thrown. Essay questions in this topic tend to focus on 4 different areas of the topic.

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During the time they were fighting, Darnley thought Mary had a lover.

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