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They might as well jump. So I wanted to make them mine. Throughout the entire conversation between the three of them, while Ki Joon never said anything, I think it was a combination of working through his own emotions and the fact that Yoon Joo was right there.

Ah Jung gets a call from So Ran, and she runs out to meet her.

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So I intend to accept my sentence. So he asks his daughter for his journal so he can write down his memories. Da-jung rifles through her bag for a pen and finds the present from the kids—a wing necklace.

Ah Jung brings the porridge over to him in bed.

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The other players envy her inspired playing so Sun Jae suggests they do a little song there. After he connects it, she drops a bomb.

It was a highlight of my life. Her presence is neither required nor desired. The Misfits open the doors wide to their impromptu concert hall. Alas, some third goon then escorts Hayley in, with a gun aimed at her head. She reads the name of Oh Yoon Joo, saying that even the name is pretty. It seemed that only good could have brought her there.

A crossed-out tail number listed beside the LOCKSAT name leads Kate and Vikram whom we have been led to wonder might be a bad guy to an airfield, where she has a standoff with a pilot. Ah Jung thinks back to last night and her drunken behavior.

Wearing casual clothing and a calm smile, she looks up at him.

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OMFG, they are so cute together. But he was never given a chance to talk. Ah Jung is hard at work, and she checks her phone as well. To top it off, I have a sore throaty flu sending me to the ibuprofen bottle every four hours.

When he comes home, Sang Hee is waiting for him outside. When I almost dropped My Princess and 49 Days, I got considerable hate comments, mostly wondering if I have any taste in dramas.

He wants to meet him in person.

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Ki Joon blames his odd behavior on being sick. We flashback to Yoon Joo and Ki Joon at the same beach, walking hand-in-hand towards the water.

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He drives over to pick up Ah Jung. Hopefully, they went online as well, as the sheets get torn down immediately. He wants to say something, but she cuts him off.