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In Captives, Bartholomew has begun destroying all other factions, including peaceful ones as he sees them threats to his power and his Lucifer dating capture Castiel. God has a plan.

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In order to accomplish that goal, she manipulates everyone around her, including her sons. In season 13's "Unfinished Business", an alternate reality version of Balthazar is mentioned to have led one of the Apocalypse World Michael's armies. The implication being that she might be ready to give up on him.

Intrigued by how Chloe doesn't seem to have a dark side that he can exploithe continues to pursue a career in amateur crime fighting both because he wants to figure Chloe out and because it amuses him. But for Me, It Was Tuesday: Lucifer and Chloe can fall into this sometimes.

Of course, Amenadiel was trying to manipulate Linda and has shown no compunction against lying, so he could have just been editing the story to fit his narrative. When Chloe goes to see Lucifer, she finds his penthouse empty and his furniture covered in sheets.

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Lucifer asks one to Malcolm in "St. Anger is Maze's base state. Well let me show you! Which kind of makes him a chicken regardless of his sanity, and Chloe using that means she kind of does believe in Lucifer being more than what he seems or at the very least she believes in his results.

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You slept with all of 'em? We don't know exactly how he was before, so it might cross over with Informed Attributebut he's been on a gluttonous rampage since he came back from Hell.

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Lucifer isn't a cop, but pulled some strings to Lucifer dating a police consultant, and likes to joke about being Chloe's partner. In the first season finale, Malcolm kidnaps Trixie and threatens to kill her unless Chloe breaks into evidence to steal his cash for him.

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Mom's first impression of Candy is that she's a "sinister genius" who managed to completely snow her, before realizing that Lucifer marrying her might be a sign of how broken he is.

On finding a victim whose crotch was set on fire, Lucifer and Ella engage in a series of bad puns, to Chloe's annoyance. Oh, His plan for me was quite clear. In "Sin-Eater", Lucifer mentions that he reserves the worst punishments for pedophiles, Nazis and people who put their seats back on a plane.

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Billie tells Sam that she is tired of seeing him and Dean dying and coming back over and over again, promising them that the next time they die, she will put them into the Empty, where no soul can ever escape. In his comic run, Lucifer has blond hair; in Sandman Vol.

Uriel got a Fate Worse than Death for trying, and just watch Lucifer's reaction when Charlotte flippantly reveals that she almost blew Chloe up.

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He was killed in battle by Lucifer's son Jack. Amenadiel is an angel, Mazikeen is a demon or half-demon, half-human should the comic be trusted and things get steamy.

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Charlotte felt horrible for believing she fouled up an interview with a suspect only for Chloe to reveal the whole thing was a Batman Gambit because she didn't expect Charlotte to be able to stay on script.

The really awkward thing about it is that he is now madly in love with the woman and has been dating her for four months.

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His wife says The funniest dating profile ever episode 13, after mistaking Maze and Chloe for him and trying to shoot them with a shotgun, that he's been different since his "near death experience.

Lucifer Morningstar, the Dark Lord himself, has grown bored with dealing with sinners in Hell, so he decided to move to Hollywood and live it up as a nightclub owner of Lux.