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Peyton couldn't go because she couldn't get off from work. Peyton and Lucas share a moment. Lucas Alan Cruikshank born The Moviewhich aired on Nickelodeon in September Fred star Lucas Cruikshank comes out on YouTube as he answers questions from fans in video Lucas Cruikshank, the teenager who turned his viral videos into a Nickelodeon franchise, revealed he is gay on Tuesday on YouTube.

Lucas starts to say that they've hardly spoken and only trade a few e-mails. Peyton soon leaves for LA and Lucas spends his time at home, helping his mother take care of his new sister, Lily.

Peyton decides that she misses Lucas and returns to Tree Hill. Brooke not only cuts Peyton out of her life, but she breaks up with Lucas too.

When Season 4 starts, it is discovered that Peyton has a half-brother named Derek and from there it gets complicated. Brooke took Peyton's side saying he shouldn't have ambushed her with a proposal.

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And, it's someone who makes your heart race and that he's someone you love because of what he is, not what he does. Keith was murdered, everyone was blaming Jimmy Edwards who diedand their worlds were turned upside down.

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Season 2 Lucas consoles Peyton. This in turns causes Lucas to wake up drunk and tell her, "Peyton, I hate you. Peyton says she will come. It was Larry Sawyer who made Peyton realize what she wanted by telling her this wise piece of advice, "Just promise me one thing - promise me that when you pick the boy you're really going to be with, that he'll be someone who respects you and treats you well.

Nickelodeon created a franchise surrounding the character, and began producing the sequel in March However, at the party, Peyton and Nicki, Jake's ex and Jenny's mother, fight.

Singapore christian dating she declines, and Lucas is more heart broken. Haley ends up shaving the rest of his head and then they then go out for a drive.

Lucas and Peyton go days without speaking and only trade a few e-mails. Along the way they come up with a few bumps like her having issues with PDA which she gets over with a passionate kiss in the hallway during school and Lucas suspecting Jimmy Edwards didn't murder his Uncle Keith.

One day Peyton asks Lucas who he wants standing next to him when all his dreams come true and he replies Brooke, leaving Peyton heartbroken as she tries to reunite the pair.

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