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Is it no wonder why we all get in line once we graduate? And, thanks to its compatibility with Chromecast, has become a regular part of my movie-watching life.

After completing three audio versions, I asked for feedback in my private newsletter whether folks found it useful or useless. Personal finance sites that focus on saving and frugality are often much larger than sites that focus on different ways to earn more money.


Write shorter, simpler posts that tell it like it is. I find it interesting that you state as fact the equivalency of a top rated University with a top rated job. He was set off by these two sentence in the post: Because the school is average, he will likely land an average job or no job.

Bookmark it or search for it in my search box. If I do an audio version, try to speak more clearly and introduce new stories.

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This way, if you prefer listening, you can always get the latest audio version delivered directly to your iPhone. One of the ideas that popped up was to make an audio version of each post.

If the industry is merit based, he needs work ethic, communication skills and a bunch of other attributes that are not taught in schools for success.

Here are a couple examples. Other benefits of being honest with yourself: Perhaps Silicon Valley is more merit based than your previous field, but after your first 3 year gig after graduating from any school your peers rate you on merit and the sky is the limit.

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As soon as you wipe away your delusion, you will become happier. Use these 6 ways to get notified when your favorite bands are in town.

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In fact, it probably belongs in nearly every category on this list. I worked with very good people who trained a couple years in a local college and really bad people with PHD from top rated schools.

Home to a vast number of indie filmmakers, Vimeo is the place to find refreshing, art-house movies to stream on demand.

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Others will project their insecurities onto you. Packed with the latest movie and TV news, this is an insightful, well-edited publication that will keep you in the know for anything Hollywood related.

These can be on any topic under the sun, from love, to killer zombies. I was suspended from school twice for fighting and my parents were none too pleased. I even link to the post: For some reason, I was always the kid who fought back against bullies, no matter how big or how menacing they were.

Any more feedback for me to make FS better without spending more time? Nine said audio versions were useful, one said it was useless.


As someone who needs more time, these discoveries are a blessing. Read Moreand if you want to hear the next big thing before the labels do, SoundCloud is where to look. Plus, the offline access is a god-send.

Short of The Week Each week, a new, independent, hand-picked short movie is added to Short of The Week for you to watch for Yuya ozeki dating sim. But also realize that since nobody cares about the audio version, I should feel free to let loose and just have fun with the delivery.

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Feedback from readers has given me the green light to introduce posts that are short and simple. YouTube has almost everything. Whatever happens next is based on your interpretation.