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Archived from the original PDF on 19 January Many vegetarian Hindus do not use any kind of leather.

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Pigskin is used in apparel, and on seats of saddles. Patent leather is leather that has been given a high-gloss finish by the addition of a coating.


The first three are natural. Textiles are used in many traditional crafts such as sewingquilting and embroidery. Coir coconut fibre is used in making twineand also in floormats, Leather hook upbrushesmattressesfloor tiles, and sacking.

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Around four-fifths of the world's silk production consists of cultivated silk. Archived from the original on 5 December This currying process after tanning supplements the natural oils remaining in the leather itself, which can be washed out through repeated exposure to water.

The carbon footprint of cattle rearing Use of chemicals in the tanning process e.

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The preparatory stages are when the hide is prepared for tanning. Rather than wearing out, it develops a patina during its useful lifetime.

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Chamois leather is a form of aldehyde tanning that produces a porous and highly water-absorbent leather. Leather fetishism is the name popularly used to describe a fetishistic attraction to people wearing leather, or in certain cases, to the garments themselves.

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Qiviut is the fine inner wool of the muskox. Acetate is used to increase the shininess of certain fabrics such as silks, velvetsand taffetas.

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Straw and bamboo are both used to make hats. These bumps are then usually dyed white to highlight the decoration. Splits are often used to create suede.

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Wool refers to the hair of the domestic goat or sheepwhich is distinguished from other types of animal hair in that the individual strands are coated with scales and tightly crimped, and the wool as a whole is coated with a wax mixture known as lanolin sometimes called wool greasewhich is waterproof and dirtproof.

Materials for Interior Environments. The Leather hook up difference between raw and tanned hides is that raw hides dry out to form a hard, inflexible material that, when rewetted, will putrefy, while tanned material dries to a flexible form that does not become putrid when rewetted.

Physical Chemistry of Leather Making.

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Profile,p. This process is called bating. It is referred to as "wet white" due to its pale cream color. Uses[ edit ] Textiles have an assortment of uses, the most common of which are for clothing and for containers such as bags and baskets. Retrieved 19 November