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Western culture may be in flames around us, but we might as well enjoy the party. Visit his website at Troy Francis. This is a town where the hugest suites with panoramic views and gold baths are available only to those who have hustled hard.

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Thanks so much for the shawts! There are thousands of hot girls there with more arriving every day during peak times—a constantly renewable resource.

As a consequence, mate guarding is way over the top. Standing by the bar at the Encore Beach Club observing nubile, bikini-clad bodies dancing to Will. He opened well and his target, the most attractive of the girls, responded well and appeared interested.

Let someone else worry about the decline for a while.

But what rap does do is celebrate the actual sometimes secret desires of its audience. I would probably have had this chick down as a nice girl-next door type had I seen her in my local supermarket. He is also the author of The Seven Laws of Seduction.

At another day party I went to buy a drink.

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On some level, they must have been aware that what they had done was completely unacceptable by any normal measure, a con trick worthy of an old Times Square huckster, somewhere between theft and prostitution. But what recourse did the man have?

One of the men noticed me and signaled for me not to come closer. Shortly, the target turned to the man and gave him the classic valedictory speech.

Because contrary to what feminists would have us believe, women secretly love being characterised as bad girls who will do E, have threesomes and fuck hot alpha rappers without a condom because that is the reality of female nature.

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The girl snarled, vampiric. Troy Francis Troy is a game veteran of a decade's standing, and a lover of women, literature, travel and freedom. Want to learn how attract and seduce beautiful women in any environment? Of course, I had had no intention of trying to break into the set and steal his girl.

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Unsurprisingly, something in the air brings out the hustling instinct in the women too. Nevertheless, since Vegas is a place of extremes—-extreme decadence, extreme sexual licentiousness, extreme lavishness, extreme wealth—and it is a kind of mecca for dissolute party-goers, it extrapolates some of the worst or best, depending on your view aspects of Western culture and gives them a setting where they can flourish on a grand scale.

Mate Guarding Is Excessive With little or no restraint on female hypergamous behaviour, Vegas, more than anywhere, is a place where women are able to reject men at will until they find the highest value one possible to have sex with.