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Augie tells Pablo to get out and Mariano can go too. Rita wants Ines to respect her house, and Ines refuses. Lorenza fires her maid after she finds out they share a granddaughter.

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Jarocha shows up at the MN mansion as Pablo and Monica come home from jogging. He was condemned due to the dirty tricks of his lawyer, and while he was in jail they made him believe that his wife and daughter had died.

Nevertheless, he does everything he can to keep him from getting a job. Pablo and Monica's parents look like somebody died. Televisa The night is here, the night we have all been waiting for, " La Gata " ends tonight. Unfortunately all that speed talking was wasted breath.

Monica's dad wants to talk to Augie alone. This blog is the love child of Pratie Place. Like a Good Puppet, Pablo is there!

Caray, Caray!: La Gata #30 Fri 10/10/ La GrabaciĆ³n

Pablo is outraged at his mother for confusing his son. Virginia has a possibility of being able to see again after an operation. She wants to talk woman to woman. Rita hates that Esme is unhappy. He can finally look at her as a woman and not as a sister-in-law!

But it's not firearms that bring them down Meanwhile, Jarocha is moving down a side aisle, clutching Pablocito in her arms as she keeps pace with the brothers.

He advises her to rat out her buddies or she'll face the robbery and attempted murder charge alone. The police officer says she'll have her chance to make her statement, but if she's caught in a lie she's done for.

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We made up all kinds of lies. This may be the real thing folks. Virginia has had her eye surgery and is ready to have the bandages off of her eyes. She claims she needs a whole man.

Ines swears she is innocent. He doesn't want his daughter marrying the son of a thief. The only way she is going to cancel the wedding is if Pablo himself cancels it. Pablo is at a park amphitheatre, where he is successful in finding work painting a mural on the back wall.

Esme tells Rita that won't happen. He's in love with the same woman as his little brother!


Thanks to Augie's legal woes, they are really getting cold feet about the wedding. You've got to hear this! This blog is the love child of Pratie Place. Pablito confesses that he lied about Esmeralda cheating on Pablo and he only said it because Lorenza told him to do so.

He feels he no longer has anyone to believe in. Previously La Gata, resigned to losing Pablo on the day of his wedding to Monica, stands gazing out the window.