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Inside the big-bore two-stroke more changes have been made. There are no known consistent mechanical problems with the bike. The full fairing is thick and hard wearing.

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In fact both are noticeably worse. The "L" model is wider, higher, stouter, guttier, quieter and faster than before. The bike revs out to 16, rpm.

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The strong volt electrical system produces the best lighting of any dual-purpose bike made. But the speed differences between the old J and K models compared to the new L version are minute.

The re-designed tail light has a shamefully dim running light although the brake lamp is quite bright.

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It would be difficult to imagine anyone being able to need more clutch in any dirt bike engine. You must stand hack far enough to clear the right rear turn signal as you swing your leg over the saddle.

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Cycle's fork comparison July, revealed that Japanese forks generally lack good suspension damping. The all-new air-intake design attempts to reduce induction drone. Half the time we forgot habit and cracked our shin.

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The frame is tabular steel. The new Apache's handling in the dirt is markedly worse than the street. Operating economy is certainly sub-par.

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The best gas mileage we got was on the road below 50 mph was 32 mpg. It's a big red button on the right of the fairing.

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The gearbox and clutch are tremendously strong units. Solo riding makes the hand strap roll over and wind up like a large rope to wear harshly on your bottom side.

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At a constant rpm the J and K models went They re-engineered the old Apache a really good dual purpose, street-trail machine into something far less. It is too heavy, and it lacks the pliability of plastic.

Handling The Across is easy to ride! It's easy to manipulate engine performance.

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The spring tension front and rear seems to be well in line of compromise standards. It's too short for two up and too wide for passenger comfort.

There are other features on this bike that are not even found on other more expensive bikes. In the process we lost an old friend. When you do fill up the Across, it also Arabelove arab dating a electronic fuel lid opener.

Thus it would take much to make it lighter that's for sure. At pounds wetthe Apache weighs in at a mere two less than the X L