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He works for His Father In order to give his life a new meaning, Kurn joins Odo's security team.

Even as Rodek he is still the same dull person although at least this may be attributed to the amnesia. I don't know if and how much people were really smoking at that time, but I don't care if this part should have been overdone.

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Video Games The old edutainment game Reading Galaxy had this as its premise. You have no sense of order. In a public naming contest launched by the district, "John Cena" was one of several suggestions that trailed behind "Donald J.

I expected that somehow he would evade the Mauk-to'Vor ritual, that he would at least try to find a way to save his brother's life.

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Bashir's and O'Brien's conflict is their first one in a long time. No from the film of the same name and as well to the Biblical Noah who, just as the villain plans here, survived the global flooding on his Ark. I only wonder whether it would have been still better, had Julian purposely created the holographic versions of the other characters except for Garak who is real for his mere enjoyment.

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It is a pity that their conflict becomes absurd considering that its root is still quite plausible. I don't know whether it was a good idea to reduce the possibly more appealing sub-plot with the attempted assassination of Shakaar to a few scenes and casual mentions of the "True Way". Rule of Acquisition Perhaps even more obviously, "Rejoined" also seems to rectify what happened at the end of TNG: But soon Akorem announces the restoration of the old Bajoran d'jarras, a caste system.

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U hit by depth charges! It is remarkable anyway how well Worf is being introduced, beyond the point of merely becoming acquainted with the crew of Deep Space 9. Whether viewers felt supported or offended by it, I think the significance of the mere kiss was vastly overrated, at least as far as the story is concerned.

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Both have good points, and none of them goes over the top. It's all about control. Odo mentions that a graffiti sprayer was sentenced to sanitation duty which would be a great idea in the real world too.

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The Cat insists that his race invented those little drawings that are sometimes found accompanying the text in a book. My hopes for "The Way of the Warrior" to become thrilling were accordingly high. Sure, there is no honor in that, but the Klingons didn't care about the civilians they killed on the outpost either.

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When she is going to visit a Cardassian outpost, Kira is surprised that she will travel on Dukat's ship Groumall. His friend asks, in wonder, how he got this Narn delicacy all the way out here.


Sisko, who was never happy with his role as a religious icon, agrees with Akorem's claim. It is a slight variation of the standard plot that starts with a shuttle crash, followed by captivity and some character conflict and concludes with a lucky escape.

Something I appreciate is how initially unrelated banter plays a role later and still lightens up the episode.