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They bought this name in and continued to make them as a low-end student guitar.

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The student guitars made by the Harmony Guitar Kay mandolin dating. Like their guitar manufacturing, the basses were hand crafted by skilled craftsmen using special ordered machinery.

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Wholesalers and private labels would use these guitars as a part of their line. It's by Anthony Holborne.

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It not only opened the way for a real flood of overseas imports, but it marked the beginning of the end for American made consumer goods. Justin Holland, guitar hero - Black American guitarist Justin Holland was the most important guitarist of his generation, talkin' mids. I alwaysloved the look of the Black Sovereign with white pickguard that hung in the store.

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Alonso Mudarra - everything for solo vihuela and 4-course guitar from Tres libros de musica en cifras para vihuela The graphics on the headstock varied from plain "Harmony," in script, with "Steel reinforced neck, " to the addition of a musical staff. The P and P both had two single coils, one unit with four pushbuttons, and the P had one neck single coil with two pushbuttons.

Mozart waltzes - over of them; never before heard or played! Also inKay introduced the matching K "Electronic" Bass, which was the first commercially available thinline- hollowbody electric bass guitarand the second production electric bass guitar after the Fender Precision Bass debuted in I still use one today for my camping guitar.

In Katz sold Kay to Seeburg Corporationand he became the head of Seeburg's musical instrument division. The most recognizable model is the Jumbo Jazz. Business continued to thrive and in late '31 or early '32 Hagstrom established its first Swedish factory and began manufacturing it's own instruments.


But like Dating og regler the other student grade guitars that were imported, the imported Harmony's were comparable. After giving up violin making for 19 years they began again in to fill the need of the student violinists.

The guitars featured art deco patterns. The Jumbo sovereign changed the pickgaurd design, while some of the other flat tops remained the same. These instruments were the same Harmony made instruments except for the label and accounted for almost half of the instruments made. They did offer a Model No.

These are often described as solid bodies, but were indeed hollow with supporting posts under the bridge, a la Gretsch.

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From the acoustics I used to sell to the yard sale electrics I used to find, I've seen quite a few different guitars. The H had similar features to this guitar, but smaller in size. However, there were truss rod and neck issues. Not a complete works job - just 3 pieces - but you might as well have them as not.

Hagstrom - The Fastest Necks courtesy of Vintage Guitar Magazine

Their top of the line H cutaway with arched spruce top and "pearlette" block inlays was as good as it got, for the better player.

A guitar for everybody!

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They made basses that emulated the Fender style. Not bad for the budget minded Jazz guitarist. Some of the more sophisticated electrics took on the characteristics of the Gibson ES guitars. This natural colored guitar had a stenciled sound hole rosette and large pickguard Kay mandolin dating was screwed down.