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Understanding, acceptance and compromise on these issues is what it needed. I can relate this to intertribal mariages in nigeria.

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Is there any other thing better than good coming out of such relationships? We have very few white girls in Nigeria! The only thing you can do to "get" those white girls is this: I see nothing wrong with it.

So why is it that people who are otherwise not racist, when confronted with the spectacle of a black man or woman dating a white woman or man, discover themselves to be strongly against such relationships?

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He asks a black woman, who is one of his customers, on a date. Okay, i can now clearly see why they appear to be more caring!

As he leaves his house, a young crack-addicted prostitute propositions him--calling him "daddy"; in response, he throws his arms around her and cries out in torment, realizing a similar future for his own daughter. What then do you call the black guys who marry white woman for the purpose of obtaining a green card?

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The same reaction I see in black ladies mostly, who frown rather hard when they see a black guy with a white lady. What do you think about interracial relationships? I am gonna have to go with vexxy.

Good point about the green card thing.

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I really - and I mean really - hate the term 'Jungle Fever'. I want to stress that the willingness of both partners to understand and respect each others culture and habits is paramount to the success of the relationship.

You never know who you will meet if you allow yourself the chance! When Gator arrives at their parents' house to ask for money, he gets into an altercation with his father that ends with Dr. Things begin to turn worse for Flipper when his crack-addicted brother Gator Samuel L.