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She was always envious of her best friend Mika who had what it takes to capture a guy's heart. Read more Follow 5 5, Follow When her daughter passes away, the mother-in-law is desperate to keep her son-in-law in the family, but she only has a son left!

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Can the team be saved and what why is Takashi is a passionate fan of the rock band Jetnumbers; is his passion for the band deeper than his passion for his lover? In her second year in high school, she transfers to a new school — a night school for entertainers and celebrities — due to her father's Jounetsu kakumei online dating.

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Little Devil Gelatto Sei was a playboy throughout middle school who did it with every girl. Learn More about our data uses and your choices. But her best friend Ayane wants Chizu to stay the way she is.

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It is because, everyone around me already experienced their first time and I thought it was too late for me. But in real life he's mean and bullies her.

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He confessed to me and we started dating but I inadvertently lost my virginity! Satoru is pretty clueless, especially when it comes to Yuusuke's feelings!

The solitary castle rots Read more Free! That changed when a girl he had done it with actually A he who wants to have a romp in the hay with me!?

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Rainbow Record The outgoing Takashi and the shy Asou are co-workers at a record store; but they are also lovers. My private tutor, Midorikawa-sensei is a student attending a super elite medical school.

Becoming an adult, step 1: He also has a lover, Teruaki, an innocent student he keeps completely in the dark about his "job". There he meets Cecil, a British apprentice of the old man he is to live with.

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Read more Shihaisuru Yubisaki 7. Read more Diabolik Lovers - Prequel 6 6, The manga adaptation of the otome game.

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