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Well, when someone is depositing vulgar phrases in them, they are. The cowling decal says 4. This feature met with immediate public acceptance and is still incorporated on many small outboards today. I just brought it up from the basement after 12 years and am excited to put it on my old 12ft semi-V again.

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That tag can almost always be found on the side of your transom bracket, as shown below. This gave the operator much greater maneuverability and a positive acting reverse for bringing the boat into the dock.

They were made from as a 4.

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By 9 PM I had everything hooked up, mounted the ignition on the dash etc. And to keep the motor on the boat but still make it detachable in a jiffy, secure screw-type transom clamps were used. In this simple substitution cipher, the letter "I" equals "1"; "N" equals "2" and so on.

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Once they switched over to the tags, this was another number that often washed out and could no longer be read. A serial number ending in "IN" was built in Thanks dbrown posted These Johnson Motor Wheels sold well for several years, but the economies of scale with which Henry Ford and others could produce automobiles rapidly Johnson outboard dating the market - after all, who would buy a motorized bicycle for the same cost as an automobile?

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Chrysler Outboards Chrysler outboards work by a model number. That's great if your Johnson was created post, but if that Johnson you operate was built between andthe identifier is in the model number -- also stamped on the identification plate -- rather than the serial number.

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The Johnson brothers were cut from the same cloth as many of the great American engineers of the early part of the 20th century.

My son and I went to Johnson outboard dating Pueblo in Colorado and the engine instantly started, warmed up nicely, and we spent the next 4 hours cruising all up and down the lake. The Johnsons Quick Action Magneto was small, compact and among the most reliable ever constructed.

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There are numbers stamped on your carburetor. I believe it is abut perhaps you can confirm this. Hello Albert, The motor arrived in perfect condition and was all that you said it would be.

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So long as you know your HP and the serial number, you can identify the year of your outboard. It has been observed that some serial numbers will fall into a different year from the model they depict, this is because a motor was produced at the end of the calendar year for sale in the new year.