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He visits Harvey that night to ask advice on the matter, but Harvey objects. Kevin tells him about a drunk driving accident which followed an argument with his wife, but does not disclose the subject of the argument. Styles in a non-title match.

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When Mike revealed to Jenny that Trevor dealt drugs, she became angry at Mike and broke up with Trevor. At the start of Season 3, Rachel is still angry that Mike withheld his secret, however when he tells her the full story she forgives him and they begin a sexual relationship.

Trevor later attempts to start anew after Mike saves his life with Harvey's help.

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Mike ignores this as a thing of the past. In "High Noon", he joins Mike in an evening of drinking and smoking, and the two even try to sabotage the office to get back at Louis.

While he, inherently, is forced to put his trust in Harvey since the revealing of Mike's secret could get him fired, he grows to do so willingly as Harvey proves to be an excellent mentor.

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Mike goes back to the office, handing a letter of resignation to Harvey, telling him that if he one day hopes to have a family of his own, he would not want his secret hanging over their head.

Sessions threw the file on a table, and remarked, 'I wish I could decline on all of them'", by which Figures said Sessions meant civil rights cases generally.

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The Senate confirmed him and he held that position for 12 years until Bill Clinton 's Attorney General, Janet Renoasked for his resignation.

The prosecution stirred charges of selective prosecution of black voter registration. At some point, Mike met Trevor Evanshis oldest and best friend. Eventually, they start dating anyway, but Jenny becomes very suspicious of Mike's relationship with Rachel when Louis tips her off.

Mike tells her about the deal and agrees to accept it. Mike was Harvey's client and when Mike came to Harvey with a plan, Harvey turned him down and chose Logan over him. When Mike Jeff ross dating history who, Trevor replies "you know who".

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The dean was forced to resign and his last act was to expel Mike and tell Harvard what he did so he would never get in. District Court for the Southern District of Alabama. In return, Jack Soloff nominates Mike Ross for partnership.

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In the season 6 finaleMike becomes legitimate and resumes his position of junior partner at Pearson Specter Litt while also maintaining his ties to the legal clinic.

However, Mike managed to convince Harvey to hire him anyway with his expansive knowledge of the law, and received a signing bonus that would cover his grandmother's medical bills.

Whilst working at Pearson HardmanMike fell in love with his co-worker Jeff ross dating history Zanea paralegal that gave him a rundown of the firm on his first day and showed him to his cubicle.

Jessica allows it, and Rachel instead enrols at Colombia. Mike later kissed Jenny but realized that it was not a good idea, considering Trevor was his best friend.

Their task gets complicated when they find out that Louis had embezzled money from his deal with Forstman. Once Mike managed to find a way to take down Hardman, he kissed Rachel, but she insisted that they shouldn't do it since his grandmother had just died, and she didn't think that people make smart choices when something like that happens.

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She passed away during the Season 2 episode "Asterisk. According to Mike, she was happy that he finally found a job that fully engages him. Meanwhile, Hardy debuted a new dark character, using cryptic messages as he explained the reasons behind his turn.

InPresident Reagan nominated him to be the U. He was then taken in by his paternal grandmother, Edith Ross. Jenny Griffith Jenny and Mike.

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