Take a look at some of the smoking divas who smoke in real life. Take a look at some of the smoking divas who smoke in real life.

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Victoria pays a man named Benjamin Greevy to seduce Marion and at a Thanksgiving dinner intells him about Marion's true self, which disgusts him. Fans still eagerly await the definite wedding date, and are thrilled that the two stars found love on the show.

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When Mason is distracted, Emily gets revenge against him by setting fire to his house and thus destroying all his first edition books and manuscripts. Although the test reveals the father is indeed Jack, Emily claims to Amanda that she was forced to rig the test.

Leslie Thompkins, the attraction between the actor and the actress translated to more than just onscreen chemistry. No one knew about their relationship until Baccarin made a public statement about her ongoing divorce from Austin Chick.

Then Emily send the videos to the press.

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Amanda shot Nate in the back, but Nate triggered an explosion, killing himself and Amanda. Sara's brother Patrick made a brief appearance in Season 1 when he trashed Daniel's car as revenge for what happened to Sara.

James Purefoy as Dominik Wright season 1a painter and an old lover of Victoria's before her marriage to Conrad. She intended to use Daniel for another terrorist attack, like Flight When the real killer confesses, Kenny decides to leave the Porters alone.

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Sebastian Pigott as Lyman Ellis Season 4: Since both stars played lead roles in the series, they continued to work together for three additional years post-divorce until Murray left after season 6. In this section, "Emily Thorne" will be referred to as "Amanda Clarke", her real name.

She was his nurse beforehand and is intent on taking Victoria's place as queen of the Hamptons.

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Victoria later employs him to stage an attack on Daniel in prison to convince Judge Hawthorne to reconsider bail, and then to threaten one of the jurors into voting in Daniel's favor. It is later revealed that he and his brother Nate want revenge because they believe Carl Porter had murdered their father.

She kept letters from David Clarke hidden from Amanda and later sold them to Mason Treadwell, and they were destroyed in the fire Emily set at his home. Uncertain about her baby's paternity due to a one-night stand after leaving the Hamptons, Amanda asks Emily to ensure that the paternity test names Jack as the father.

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