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Rachel's friendship with Santana is fractured when Santana auditions to be her understudy and is given the job. The fans have been left wanting to know what their favorite actors and actress were doing in their real lives.

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Blaine says that Dalton is not a gay school and that Wes and David have girlfriends, but informs Kurt that he is indeed gay. The writers will take any chance they get to poke fun at some of the show's stranger aspects. It seems to be a constantly rotating spot on the show, with each example eventually vacating the spot after becoming a Lovable Alpha Bitch.

Max Adler also returned as Karofsky in a recurring role, and Jonathan Groff as Jesse for two guest spots.

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Then whose job was Pittsburgh hook up Emma and Ken, almost, in the first season At the beginning of the third season, Artie, now a junior, is asked to direct the school musical, West Side Story.

Also Mike is a variation, but his father wants him to pursue medicine, but after seeing Mike perform in sectionals, he relents and gives his blessing. It technically wasn't illegal for Jeremiah, Blaine's previous crush, to date him and be intimate.

Please stick a sock in it or ship yourself back to Scotland.

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Finn, after Will convinces him to re-join the club despite his ill will toward Puck and Quinn, and Finn arrives right before their big sectionals performance with a new number that helps them to take Sectionals despite the other clubs stealing their set list.

Quinn, Santana, and Brittany were collectively referred to by fans as the "Unholy Trinity. All of the congressional campaign ads in "Mash Off.

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You can't make fun of Finn anymore. Santana later gets back together with Brittany in the final season, and marries her, along with Blaine and Kurt.

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He goes to Lima for his father's tests and gets relieved on learning that Burt is out of danger. Quinn tearfully admits that Puck is the father and attempts to apologize but Finn in tears, breaks up with her, quits the club and runs away. When Rachel comes to see the musical in " Glease ", their reunion does not go well, and they agree to refrain from contact when Rachel visits Lima in the future.

Club and a member of the Academic Decathlon team as well. Quite sadly, and potentially as a "Funny Aneurysm" Moment when you realize that but months after Cory Monteith died, Heather Morris gave birth.

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He is a sophomore student at McKinley High School and plays football. No, she's dead; this is her son.

She recently was a cast member in a series called Beyond. Ryder tries out with a duet with Finn and gets chosen as the lead for the musical alongside Marley Rose Melissa Benoist.

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There is also the show choir competitions, though the build up usually varies in effectiveness as well as the championship football game in the episode following the Superbowl.

She is later transferred to another school by Sue Sylvester as she wants to remove all the remaining members of Glee Club in the school. Fairly common, depending on the writer.

He took the role between and Also explains his canon lack of talent in Spanish. After Mercedes collapses, Quinn approaches her and reveals that when she was a cheerleader she threw up to stay skinny but being pregnant made her see the importance of eating healthy and that she doesn't mind becoming big and round as long as her baby is healthy and she gives Mercedes some food.

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Kevin is now married to Jaime Feld since Will finds a match for her, Ken Tanaka, whose job she took over. He has been married to Carola Pardo since