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Oh yes, she was going in his trophy room. Well the good news he likes you, he always liked you. He deciced to confront you as you went out do your laudnry down starts. My mom told me that when I was little I had a friend that died.

But after a few weeks, I began to hear a voice coming from under the bed.

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And just to tell you, youre next. In minutes, she got her first ever text.

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New girls, and so soon after. She kept moving forward. I put it in the video player and stared to wacht. I walked into her old room one day and saw a trail of green liquid leading to her bed. Standing above me, holding a knife. Then they announced the killer, they said they couldnt put him in jail where he belonged because he passed away.

She was very sweet and she always wore a blue tattered dress. It told me it would always protect me and be my friend. It was already in my habit.

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The reason all that was left of the baby, was the bones was because he was a cannibal. First she told her self it was maybe mice, Just then she hears it again but this time louder,she races upstairs to find her baby crying.

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I never met her daddy but I would complain to my mom to try to convince her daddy to stay but my mom would always laugh it off. We sighed and told her to calm down. Whenever I asked her why it always rained when she was here she said the rain was her downfall.

He slid in to the seat next to them, and smiled at them.


He will bring me roses and a big box of chocolates. He pulled a small binder from a stack of books next to him, and put her hair in a small plastic bag.

I was scared then, but made myself still think I was seeing Im dating maddie ziegler, but then he was standing in the doorway, fully dressed as a clown, staring blankly at me. He lay back, pressing the book to his heart, and closed his eyes. I stayed there for about 30 minutes, then I came back.