Do You Want to Date a White Guy or a Guy Who Just Happens to be White? Do You Want to Date a White Guy or a Guy Who Just Happens to be White?

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Tracy I am a tall thin black pretty people say model looking girl and according to this website I must be an anomally, I attract ALOT of white guys all types of white guys and the hottest and smartest ones.

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It's and wish people would stop being so prejudice and stupid. When you let our partners use cookies to collect similar data that we do on our sites, they can provide ads on our sites that they think match your interests, like deals related to products you love, and measure, report and analyse your interactions with them.

i’m black but i’m attracted to white guys

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Yahoo is now part of the Oath family. So never settle, some guys are just jerks. Looks like your cookies are disabled.

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Please enable and try again. Plus, the ability to make meaningful, long-term friendships across the racial divide will serve you well if you do get serious with a white guy.

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Next Black girl dating a white guy? How can someone date white men, but not like white women? But I felt my friend was overlooking a big issue that would be the difference between date night disaster and romantic success.

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Learn More about our data uses and your choices. And I've also heard chicks talk.

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Some of them are good-looking, some are nice. Not me, my boyfriend, and everybody elses relationship. For example, when you search for a film, we use your location to show the most relevant cinemas near you.

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White men stop being men and turn into mythical unicorns, devoid of psychological burden. She really wanted to someone to join in her brother-love fest.


Im the black chick that's dating a white guy. Some are complete assholes. So one day we were leaving dinner and he ran back in to use the restroom before we left so I go stand by the car.