The Nardvark: A Level-7 Essay for IB English Exam Paper 1 - Commentary The Nardvark: A Level-7 Essay for IB English Exam Paper 1 - Commentary

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Through his wording and style, he has taken us through exactly why it lives up to the standards of a heaven for all the Earth's children. If the animals' heaven was somewhere beyond Earth, the poem would not open in such a way. Does the rhythm change at any point? This reinforces the poem's joyful tone which proceeds through out the poem except for momentarily in the fourth stanza where the first two lines are cacophonic.

Theme The What is the text about? Does the poem have an extensive figure? Stanza five is all about predators stalking their prey. When natural areas are destroyed for human needs, any animals that survive are sent to zoos.

Give evidence for the conflict by quoting Technique: Such wording can be justified as Dickey's method of saying that predators are meant to catch the prey, as is the natural process of things. There are also two words which may be direct references to the Bible.

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Is the poem in a Ib commentary thesis form, a stanzaic form, or a fixed form? The next few lines utilize imagery; "It is a wood" and "It is grass rolling" are examples of the different habitats in which the animals reside.

I gazed--and gazed--but little thought What wealth the show to me had brought: What does the structure say, if not that being in a 'cage' rigid structure is unnatural for animals?

Write about important themes present in the poem. The Earth itself is their reward, "Their reward: You can write it sequentially start from the beginning of the piece til the end.

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However, there is further evidence within the poem supporting the allusion that the Heaven of animals is upon the Earth we live.

One must realize that a conclusion is usually just the introduction which is paraphrased with a more conclusive tone and possibly a fact or two more! It would be better to create a reserve, where all types of animals can live together in harmony.

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The poem seems to ask, instead, to leave the natural areas intact. If this is the same for each line, then the poem is written in a specific meter.

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Here everything will be made clear as together we'll decipher a poem. Construct a 'map' to your answer. The Earth itself Ib commentary thesis to be the animals' heaven, as, in its natural state, it is utterly perfect. Evidence of this includes the line "They rise", which is present in both the beginning stanza two and the end stanza eight of the poem.

This idea extends to any habitat in which an animal could live, so long as it's natural. What is the piece about overall?

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Meaning State the poem's literal meaning. This could be a refrain, an extended figure or an apostrophe. Perhaps it's the sensation of getting a new dog or seeing a beautiful bird take flight.

What connotations do certain words carry positive or negative?