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How to write an effective profile for online dating,

If you focus on characteristics you risk sounding superficial, rigid, or overly picky.

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In fact, you do yourself a disservice pretending to be who you think a man wants. Your online dating profile is no different. Your goal is to look unique; not the same as everyone else.

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Lastly, be honest about what you are seeking. For example, rather than specifying the characteristic of "having a fit body," you should state the character trait of "active" or "valuing health and fitness.

And if he does, you've hooked him. I can't emphasize this enough.

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Check your spelling and grammar. Remember - you want to attract the people who are looking for what you are looking for. It sounded romantic to me. Excitement is what you want a man feeling when he's done reading what you've written.

Are you expressing what is both unique to you and what is attractive to who you want to date?

It gives men the wrong impression and encourages those you probably aren't interested in to write to you.

Francesca is a professional dating coach and matchmaker. What story am I telling of my life? Who am I showing up as? Or it could tell the story of a bitter, demanding perfectionist.

It is more effective to focus on attracting the right people than repelling the wrong ones.

Have you stood by your beloved losing baseball team? Leave out the words, "I'm looking for my soul mate" from your profile. Your goal is to get a man's attention quickly. Your profile should start out by describing your most prominent and positive character traits.

Winning a pro surfing competition or rescuing stray dogs? Try making your profile title catchy, using activities you're involved with to create your online name. Lisa Copeland is the Dating Coach who makes over 50's dating fun and easy.