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How to know if you are dating a loser, warning signs – insults you, calls you names

She was intended as a surrogate for fans who wanted to go into the Universe of the Four Gods, and therefore was designed as an ordinary girl with human weaknesses.

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Especially if the school they attended was a very prestigious one, or conversely a Sucky School. She's Book Dumbrather naive and ditzy, gluttonoussaid to be kind of fat and average-looking in-universe, trouble always seems to find her, and her parents are divorced which carries a big social stigma in Japan.

Which is all well and good, right up until he regresses to a freaking novice at the start of each new region. This is later subverted when Belldandy points out that he has qualities that make him rather desirable, such as the way he cares for antiquated junk that has no value to other people.

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At the October session, there was Yu Ruitong, a year-old software developer who had three previous relationships; Ye Chaoqun, a year-old small business owner who is hoping to make the woman he likes fall in love with him; and James Zhang, a year-old cancer doctor who is looking to expand the circle of women he knows.

My Goddess is a put-upon member of the motor club and pushed around by the guys at his dorm and he never gets a date due to his short stature. Bamboo Blade 's Sensei is a protagonist who mooches off his students and receives food parcels from his parents.

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Friendless, talentless, actually hated and shunned by the whole village for something he doesn't even know about. This is supposedly to allow the audience i. Then there's the fact that he's never won a single canon league, making him come off as a Failure Hero.

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Naruto starts off as overconfident in his abilities, obnoxious, a poor student and having few usable jutsus. There's this ad for a site apparently called poor decisions, in which an unshaven man sits on the side of his rumpled bed, holding a cigarette and looking like he's contemplating suicide.

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If you turn on the "translate captions" feature, the first thing he says is, "Uh We all have dealt with nicknames and insults, even among our friends. Even when the beautiful female alien, Lum, comes into his life, he's still unlucky because of all the baggage she brings with her.

Though, he still shows signs of this trope at times.

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Back in The '60sthis was revolutionary for superhero comics. This is usually intended to make them endearing. Initial D 's Itsuki, not the protagonist but his tolerated sidekick, is an uncontrollably emotional, self-aggrandizing, insecure, lustful, remarkably ugly Everyteen.

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Oddly enough, Rock Lee is arguably a successful example, as he manages to be quite popular despite his general lack of successwhile Sakura manages to be decidedly unpopular in many circles, no matter how often Masashi Kishimoto tried to fix that.

Kenichi and the reader are repeatedly told that he has zero natural talent for martial arts, but he doesn't stay this way for long.

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Kisaragi Shintaro, our protagonist, is a high school drop-out shut-in with no company aside from a Trolling Tsundere computer program named Ene, no life outside of his bedroom, and as of the first chapter, not even a computer due to an accidental soda-spillage. Punpun from Goodnight Punpunespecially in high school and just after graduating.

Saji Crossroad during season 1 of Mobile Suit Gundam 00 only cares about getting a happy life of his own, ignorant of the large causes of the world - hell! His crush is a high School Idolwhich may or may not make him even more of a Loser Protagonist.

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Buy it today on Amazon: While Keitaro is, as mentioned above, undeniably of the "loser everyman protagonist" type, it's pretty evident from day one that everyone else at the Hinata Inn is a mess of problems, and the series is as about much their Character Development as it is Keitaro's.

A Love Story, see Bloodsucking Fiends. Some are fools the guys mentioned abovesome are cool mostly in the motorcycle insurance onesothers are normal like in "Big Money".

And when he does eventually venture out into the world, he's literally the only cast member without a superpower. For the webcomic by Josh Lesnick, see You Suck.

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He couldn't get into university, he's stuck with a dead end part-time job, he has an unrequited love interest, and he feels like just about anything pisses him off including his nonchalant family. He also manages to bag Shizuka somewhere along the line.

Especially if malebut even female characters may receive some flack for this.