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If there is any inconsistency between these terms and any translation into other languages, the English language version takes precedence. He vowed never to commit any violence against a human being again. He then removes his homeless disguise and reveals himself to be Fuzzy He finally works up the courage to ask her out, to which she happily agrees.

He wears T-shirts with hilariously inappropriate sayings, has numerous piercings, wears thick eye makeup, dyes his hair in bright colors and styles it into mohawks, has elaborate facial hair, and many tattoos.

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He's secretly in love with Zo, a spiritual woman who owns a shop across the street. Off-wiki content for example, emails, IRC chats, off-wiki forums, etc should not be assumed to be released under this license if this is not explicitly stated.

The next day, Priestly comes to the shop and is almost unrecognizable, dressed in Banana Republic khakis and an Oxford shirt, piercings removed, his hair parted down the middle with bright colors washed out, tattoos mostly hidden, and no punk makeup, and finally asks Tish out.

She balks and runs away without meeting him, and she confesses to Piper and Tish that someone like Fuzzy22 could never like someone like her, because she is according to herself not very attractive.

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Priestly reveals that when Jen forgot to log off the computer one night, he talked to Fuzzy22 and told him the situation and how to meet Jen.

Links will be added above to any unofficial translations. When he's talking with Tish, he asks her to start dating nice guys, but Tish, quickly glancing at Priestly, says that good guys don't ask girls like her out. She cares a great deal about Fuzzy22, and feels that a man as attractive as he is would, upon seeing her, become disappointed and uninterested and she could not bear that from him.

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Priestly attacks Tadd and is injured. The two men try to coerce her into having sex with them, and a now frightened Tish tries to run away but is held back by Tadd.

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Before the trip, Noah asks Piper out on a date, to which she agrees, although she says she has some things to tell him first.

Piper goes out on a date with Noah, and she prepares to tell him the truth about herself, but he first wants to share something: She is very beautiful and uses manipulative techniques to attract men, leading to brief, emotion-free flings with many of them—she cuts off contact if she feels they're getting emotionally involved.