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You are a geologist trying to determine if the slope your client's house sits on is stable.

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Water The figure below shows two hypothetical streams that have identical cross-sectional areas but different channel shapes. Both involve water, but the water is in two different phases.

Precipitation falls on the ground and infiltrates the ground surface to the groundwater system.

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Too much water between the grains will eliminate surface tension. The roots will grow into the slope and work to keep the slope intact.

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Vaiont Italy In the figure below, what would be the most effective way to stabilize the slope, assuming that the slope is in a dry, desert environment? Figure looks like a tree dendritic form when headward erosion causes one stream to intersect another Which river has the greatest discharge of any stream on Earth?

What type of weathering are you most likely to find occurring on the coast? NOT is greater near the mouth than near the source If erosion is occurring in an area of weak rock, what would you expect the landscape to look like? Physical weathering produces fresh surfaces for chemical weathering to attack.

Figure 1 What type of landforms might you expect to find if the climate in an area is very warm and wet? Which of the following situations would be considered stable?

Weather represents short-term conditions; climate is the long-term average.

Which areas are most susceptible to slope failure? Amazon If a year flood occurs on the Mississippi River this year, what is the probability that a flood of the same magnitude will occur in the following year?

The slope now exceeds the angle of repose. Radial Within a meander, where is sediment most likely to be deposited?

The slope is composed of dry gravel. On the inner banks of a meander Which of the following mountain ranges is likely composed of soft material?