How do i hook up my xm radio, drama (feat. big data)

The Roku 4 is the latest version of my Roku 2XS.

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You don't need anything else, not RadioDelay, not a computer, not another sound card, nothing else. The audio should trickle through Virtual Audio Cable, into RadioDelay, and ultimately out to your speakers.

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After the passage of the amount of delay that you set, you should hear the sound come out of the speakers. If the radio is ahead of the TV video, then you have to delay it to match up with the images on your screen.

Each sound card uses different names for each setting, so these are only examples of my system shown here.

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If the rest of it is configured properly, you should hear your MLB Gameday audio and can proceed to tweak the delay setting to match your television. On Windows 7 cross your fingers. Select the game you want to watch.

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This leaves all the settings wide open. Tune your radio to the desired baseball game and click the Play arrow on RadioDelay to begin the audio delay process for the number of seconds that you set with the slider control. This cable has an RCA male plug on one end and a 3.

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If you need help, read the experiences of others on the Roku Forum. If you paid the VAC license fee and have the pro version you will not hear this reminder voice. You can listen under the covers on earbuds plugged into the Roku remote. Radio Shack sells an attenuating patch cord, but it is monaural only.

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It goes like this: Get RadioDelay direct from the author at the link in the pane to the right. Baseball Field Guide — sort-of pocket sized paperback booklet with excellent pictorial descriptions of Major League Baseball rules with good explanations of commonly misunderstood plays and umpire rulings.

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Hey, it's not a perfect world! Roku to the Rescue! Windows Vista and maybe Win 7?

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