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I never imagined that my wedding would take place under these circumstances.

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We find out that Yong Yong arrived at the orphanage when she was eight and lived there for seven years. She goes to get a mop, during which time Yun Jie brings his guests into the hotel and arrive at that same elevator.

He tries to leave and she grabs his arm, ripping his jacket. He was so bad at dancing so his dance teacher and the company staff called him that. Yun Jie heads off to a meeting, but not before reminding that the office has to be perfectly clean when he gets back.

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Rap Mon wants to make a song together and sing it when he had a lover. Before they leave, Yun Jie tells the hidden Yong Yong that she needs to use this opportunity to save her skin. Her confusion pisses him off more, and he stands up and approaches her.

Favourite color is Black.

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He realizes that she is hiding outside in the patio, and Hope for dating eng sub ep 2, and he says so out loud. I always wanted a firm conclusion.

As that song disappeared in the community, he slowly forgot about it as well. That caused a delay in shoot and i felt bad.

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He realized that after a while but the members never said anything. However, two months later i found out Rap Mon was using my earphones that i lent him before. Yong Yong is kind but has a short temper, loyal but not a pushover, hardworking but pragmatic.

I was sorry for them. He clearly has a second sibling syndrome, always living under the shadow of his older and more capable brother and a successful father. She tells Yun Jie to stop being such jerk and let her clean it up, since her new boss is a real stickler for cleaniness.

Yun Jie arrives at his office, and tells his subordinate that whomever is cleaning is office needs to be fired.

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It was a week after he borrowed my earphones. Actually it was 2 months later. You are a cold cold man, Xian Yun Jie.

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They tussle over the covers, but Yong Yong kicks him off the bed and steals the covers. But after a month.

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Family is Dad, Mom, Younger Sister. She takes out a magazine with Yun Jie on the cover, and Yong Yong calls him a cold-blooded bastard.

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Rap Monster never wants to be unit group with Jimin. V was getting private Japanese Language lessons with Rap Monster.