Hook up water hose outboard motor, reader interactions

On models equipped with shifting capabilities, the forward and reverse gears, together with the clutch, shift assembly, and related linkage, are all housed within the case.

These accessories are available from Mercury Marine dealers.

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In such case the landing may cause the boat to veer violently in a new direction. Special note 4 Stroke engines do not have a Air-Box-Cover.

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Make sure battery is equipped with a nonconductive shield to prevent accidental shorting of battery terminals. WARNING Should the operator fall out of the boat, the possibility of serious injury or death from being run over by the boat can be greatly reduced by stopping the engine immediately.

The single most important task for proper gearcase maintenance is inspecting it for signs of leakage after each use. Spray fogging oil into the engine. Apply a light coating of OMC Nut Lock, or equivalent thread lock to the threads of the 2 gearcase mounting screws.

Fogging Oil is a wax-base oil that prevents rust from forming on metal parts inside the engine. But the second one looked a little funny: If contaminated oil is noticed, have the engine checked by your dealer.

Page 11 Use of other than Mercury Precision or Hook up water hose outboard motor parts when making warranty repairs. Do not start engine until the water is turned on saves the water pump from running dry.

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Inspect oil for signs of contamination. Safe Boating Suggestions In order to safely enjoy the waterways, familiarize yourself with local and other governmental boating regulations and restrictions, and consider the following suggestions.

Do not allow any passengers to stand or use seats other than those designated for traveling faster than idle speed.

The gear case is considered that part of the outboard below the mid section exhaust housing. If the filter appears to be contaminated, remove and replace.

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Watch the fluid level closely after the test, and for the first few outings. Such a sharp change in direction can cause occupants to be thrown out of their seats, or out of the boat. Again, details are found in the Maintenance and Tune-up section, look under Flushing the Cooling System.

But I was curious about what had happened — both basic curiosity and wanting to write a post since others we know have had similar problems.

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Place a block of wood between gearcase and propeller to prevent rotation and tighten propeller nut. Don't have a fitting, or can't find it? Turn the water on! Remove air box cover. Taking Care not to damage the driveshaft and the water tube, separate the lower unit from the exhaust housing by pulling straight downward.

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If any oil leaks out or water enters, either the propeller shaft seal must be replaced or the gear case Online dating sites in costa rica be disassembled, inspected and completely overhauled.

Keep in mind, the most important thing you can do to help reduce injury or impact damage during an impact is control the boat speed.

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If necessary for service or overhaul, drain the gear oil from the gearcase. Description Where Used Part No. Mount battery in the boat so it is secured against movement, preferably in a battery box.

Cleaning the gearcase will also help you spot potential. It looked like the inside of the hose had melted and twisted. Start engine and let it run in neutral for 10 to 20 minutes. Or actually, at least two blockages.