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For some apps, such as call handling and text messaging, you're done - the Smartwatch 2 will pop up with relevant information whenever anyone decides to text or call you Dating a retail manager or if you fancy dialling someone from your wrist although there's no speaker or microphone here.

Hook up watches ph flexibility in terms of notifications is impressive and it allows you to tailor your Smartwatch 2 experience to your own personality. A word of warning when you do hook up your Facebook and Twitter accounts to the Smartwatch 2 - it can notify you of every update made by all your friends and by default everyone is selected in the notifications options.

Failure to do this will result in a message asking you to login being displayed on the Smartwatch 2 when you click the relevant app icon.

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You can quickly unselect Hook up watches ph with one click, and if you don't want to be kept up to date with any of your mate's ramblings then you can choose to only get notified when someone interacts with you directly. If you have one of Sony's more recent smartphones, such as the Xperia Z1 or Xperia Z Ultrathen the free app will already be installed.

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Once installed simply tap the back of the Smartwatch 2 on the rear of your smartphone and hey-presto the two are connected. You'll need to install these one by one, with call handling, messaging, missed calls, emails and more all requiring this setup process.

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It's just a shame it's a little convoluted. Even if you've logged into the various accounts on your smartphone, you'll still have to login to them separately via the Smart Connect app for them to work with the Smartwatch 2.

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It's Bluetooth which maintains the connection once the Smartwatch 2 is paired to your phone, and if you turn Bluetooth off on your phone the connection with the watch will be lost. Here you'll be greeted with a list of apps which you need to install to allow the watch to pick up calls, texts and other notifications.

If you're concerned about having all your messaging history stored on your wrist you can delete traces of them on the Smartwatch 2 on an app by app basis, without comprising the data on your handset.

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To adjust which notifications get to you, head back to the Smart Connect app and navigate to the particular service to then select which if any of your friends you want to keep track off. So far so good, but now it gets a little annoying.

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Verdict The Sony Smartwatch 2 features NFC technology for easy pairing between watch and smartphone assuming your Android handset has the contactless tech - but this is just one step in what turns out to be a rather laborious set up process.

Considering the primary if not only reason you'll be purchasing a smartwatch is to have quick access to your notifications it's baffling why this process can't be automated.

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If you don't go in and change this you'll find your wrist constantly vibrating as the steady stream of Facebook and Twitter updates filter through.

Even though you've downloaded the app and paired the watch your Smartwatch 2 still won't work fully until you've installed various clients via the Smart Connect.

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Before you go touching the back of the Smartwatch 2 yes the back, not the front to your phone you'll need to download Sony's Smart Connect application from Google Play.