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While these props can work fine "out of the box", we have seen some significant production pitch variations.

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All ported cylinders are also honed. The best approximate [27] was made using the leading edge of the " Big Dipper " asterism in the constellation Ursa Major as a point of reference.

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Our testing indicated that these "other" larger throat carbs consumed a lot more fuel than our 42's, but produced no more power. Despite the reduced water contact area, the 3 seater still turns very well at speed.

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This damage is not crucial on a recreational machine, however it can be very crucial to the peak performance of the high output Hammer Kit. I was in it and around it.

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However the 3 seaters are another story. We found no benefit by using a "higher rpm limit" cdi box on these two kits. No aftermarket replacements to date have offered the combination of longevity and performance that the stock parts offer.

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Together with the high pitch impeller, these modified carbs allow the Sleeper modified boat to offer better fuel consumption, at cruising speeds, than the stock SLTX. The Hammer 2 seater is a machine capable of 70 mph on pump gas, however running at full speed for 5 miles non-stop is not "normal use" for anyone.

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Unfortunately this blade design generates a lot less peak water speed than more conventional design props. Like most other Polaris models, the 's employ a large diameter spacer to set the pump case and impeller several inches further back on the hull.

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It has steadily increased by around 4. Running more ignition advance with our kit results in higher operating temperatures, but not high power output.

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Polaris installed this wedge to help lift the front of the hull away from the water resulting in slightly higher speeds on smooth water. These kits will be available for the '98 and later two seaters as well as the three seaters at such time when FPP releases that system for the SLTX's.

HANDLING - The hulls of the 2 seater and 3 seater are completely different, hence the modifications needed for improved handling are also completely different.

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It was referenced in Nathaniel Bowditch 's book, American Practical Navigatorwhere it is listed as one of the Liverpool dating stars.