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Hook up ice maker on a refrigerator, contact us:

Locate the compression fitting and ferrule packed in the unit.

Adjust door to assure proper seal. Remove two screws from door. Reinspect door seal and alignment.

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Some are still in use today. Couple things - I needed more than the included 10ft of pex piping. I really couldn't wrap my h This is not my first plumbing project with sharkbite fixtures.


Grasp the end of the wine rack, sliding it out and up. Collecting tools to finishing cleanup was about an hour. Place the two hook-hinges located on the rear bottom side of the grille on the front lip of the unit base.

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The door opening is easily reversed by moving the hinge hard- ware to the opposite side Figure 33 as follows: The how-to video found on homedepot. Water on, purged air from the line s.

Replace three plastic plugs removed in step 8 into holes on top of unit. Also physically sliding the slip T was more difficult then it looked in the video but this middle-aged woman flexed her 'pipes' and got it done!

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I suspect that it starts with ice that collects on the freezer line, which then melts off during the defrost cycle, and flows down the wall and over the orifice and refreezes.

Do not use thread sealing compound or tape. No saddle valve to fail, no copper tubing bend and plant of peace of mind with no leaks after a year. Thanks for a great kit! The freezer line goes slightly downhill toward the front of the unit, so any meltoff during defrost should go away from the wall and orifice.

It is a very anemic little muffin fan, so there is little air movement.

SharkBite is a great product. I temporarily ran wires from the ice maker to monitor the fan externally, and I was satisfied that the fan is working properly, and being driven by the control assembly.

The connections worked flawlessly, the only problem I had was the PEX supplied was not long enough as I had to run the PEX from one side of the kitchen in the basement to the other, but for 8 dollars I picked up a 1 piece 25ft section that solved the problem.

UL Figure 34 1.

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Posted on May 28, What is the model number of your refrigerator? It took us an hour to install because of where the waterline was in the basement and because of obstacles under the refrigerator in the basement.

Clean wine rack with a clean dampened cloth. But it does and it is so easy to install.