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One of the first things I noticed when I visited San Francisco a year ago was how fit everyone was.

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He also controls a massive Underworld empire, with moles in the Marine and involved in various weapons trafficking while maintaining a public persona of a benevolent king of Dressrosa. Let's suppose the Doctor is friendly enough to give you the free run of a wardrobe so that you are reasonably turned-out for a person of your gender, age, and status in that time and place: But I still find it really weird to read a far-future SF story that doesn't deliver a massive sense of cultural estrangement, because in the context of our own history, we are aliens.

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Dinner is past 8pm, not at 5pm. Actually, cars are coveted sign of social status. In my daily life this has led to me noticing polarity like: The gender politics, religious framework, ideologies, fashions!

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Several animals have a membrane in the back of their eyes that reflects back the light, and this is shown with an animation of super-deformed smiling Hikari faces bouncing against said membrane.

One of the main topics is the study of the impact of icing on wind turbines. This is because there are so many amazing views in San Francisco. Finding an apartment is a full contact sport.

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Some kosher delis and bakeries, as well as a few "kosher style" delis, including the famous Katz's Deliare located in the neighborhood. And that's the whistle-stop Hook up bus sf of social change in just one century in the decades leading up to the society that this peculiar mode of SF takes to be the unassuming touchstone of future humanity.

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An extremely pro-dog city. People's attitudes to death and birth are alien—lots of babies, lots of baby funerals, lots of adult funerals, people dying at the age of 40 is taken for granted, and everyone has thirty cousins, aunts, and uncles.

As a consequence, garbage that you produce in the car gets taken out immediately.

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They are considered the flowers of the dead, and only brought to cemeteries. The People Side of Digital Transformation pre-registration required 2: Shirokuma Cafeat least the anime version, combines visual puns and Chain of Corrections into a Once per Episode gag.