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The way the clamp and ring type connections work is the PEX pipe material is deformed over the fitting barb ridges, creating a seal.

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But the replacement job would be done much faster. Comes in a little can like Ajax or Comet.

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I am happy to assist you on this to preserve your great old house and its original details. Would I do it again? The valve fittings were rebuilt using washers, gaskets and bonnets from the hardware store. I just had a customer out here in LA who sent a kitchen sink back there last year.

The upside of restoration is you preserve all your period details i. Try your phone book and look for advertisements that says something like As a place to start, you would fix up your sink that really needs little work.

First thing to do is install some shutoff valves in the water supply lines to the tub, so you can shut off the tub, without shutting off the water to the whole house.

And make the outside color something darker than the inside white of the tub. Tell us about Vintage Plumbing, how it was started, and how it is operated? The only way it would work is if you had four hands or a helpertwo to operate the tool handles, another to keep the heads aligned and a fourth to hold the fitting, pipe and clamp in place.

These check valves are used mainly in hydronics installations.


The first sign of usability! The spout is round bell shape and mounted low inside the tub.

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The basin is square, very small, and only has a cold-water tap. The easiest way to do this is to use a handheld propane torch to carefully heat the nuts holding the valves and the vertical drain pipe to the tub.

Are Vintage Plumbing fixtures guaranteed to work properly?

These bowls date from around to the mid twenties. Will we then have an overflow? We cannot overemphasis the usefulness of heating these parts before attempting to disassemble.