Hisense DHKP1SDLE Pint Energy Star Dehumidifier Review Hisense DHKP1SDLE Pint Energy Star Dehumidifier Review

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A few extra notes on this type of drainage — first, dehumidifiers with built-in pumps will have a limit as to how far away from the dehumidifier the pump can push condensate to.

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Mold is notorious for sticking to surfaces and ruining everything it comes into contact with. Most desiccant dehumidifiers also have a larger operating temperature range than their compressor based counterparts mostly due once again to the process by which they dehumidify.

Note that some units do have a smaller range than others. Your specific unit may display an error code, alarm or indicator light when this condition occurs.

The DDEA- Classic removes 15 pints of moisture per day and will do so throughout its operating temperature range. A Few Final Notes Basement size dictates capacity — we recommended the 70 pint Frigidaire FFADR1 above, making the assumption that your goal is to dehumidify either your whole basement or most of your basement.

Looking for a new portable air conditioner? Every time the dehumidifier reaches capacity when its water tank is full you need to run downstairs and empty and replace its water tank.

How to Choose a Quiet Dehumidifier

That being said, even at lower temperatures operating at lower efficiency, a 70 pint compressor dehumidifier will still remove more moisture from the air per day than most full size desiccant units including the DDEA- Classic which we recommend above. Timer — a timer can be useful should you not want the dehumidifier to run at certain times during the day or if you want it to run for only a few hours and then shut off automatically.

Since there are hundreds of dehumidifiers to choose from, you need to know what to look for. However, they have one major disadvantage compared to compressor based units: Using an external condensate pump allows for more flexibility in terms of how far away from the dehumidifier the drain can be located.

An external condensate pump, on the other hand, is easy to replace and not that expensive to replace either. It should go without saying that you should keep your basement windows closed at all times so that the dehumidifier only needs to process the volume of air trapped in your basement.

Before we get to specific model recommendations we want to first and foremost make sure that you actually need a dehumidifier for your basement to begin with.

Below, you’ll find reviews for some of the top quiet dehumidifiers available for purchase.

Other than change in color, a change in wood structure can also indicate the presence of rot. Most dehumidifiers have a manufacturer specified operating temperature range that can be easily referenced by reading its manual. The bottom line is that a unit with a larger tank is going to make for less downtime and less of a hassle in terms of the frequency of having to empty and replace its tank than the same unit with a smaller water tank.

Features to look for in a basement dehumidifier include: This process requires of the moisture in the air that needs to be dehumidified to change state from a vapor to a liquid.