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Harvest Moon 64

If she's happy, she'll help out around the house, and even lead to a little bundle of joy, which will pop another picture in your photo album. Where to find this damsel: I made the book for myself mainly and while I was thrilled so many were interested I couldn't bring myself to format it again.

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After they've taken off, every one gets a balloon. Maria - Helps with removing weeds and collects eggs.

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He has become your friend when he begins to talk about your grandfather. After I did my fact checking and testing I wanted to get some of the games original artwork and restore it for this guide. By the fisherman tent. Plant some, and after they bloom, Popuri will come by and you'll get a picture for your album.

Flashback After the player goes to bed, he will have a dream about his childhood, in which he was playing with a girl while visiting his grandfather's farm. Toss a veggie into the Goddess's Pond and ask her to wake up the tree. Weekdays, rain or shine, he will be in his house.

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Where She Can Be Found: If you feel uncomfortable having your e-mail posted, then don't send us any! When he Singapore dating website free good friends with the player, he talks about getting the best tea leaves from Flower Shop.

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The original artwork in them and the many mysteries those guides unraveled were something special to me. Confirmed Ann's appearance at the vineyard.

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Do not talk to her if you don't wish to send her off. If you do decide you're better off without her, all the mentioned girls in the game will disappear, but you'll still get treated as though you're still married. Northside of the Town The Mayor holds up a colored egg, and you go around trying to find it in one of the many bins placed around the town.

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Elli - Collects eggs, and sometimes feeds chickens. He is the go-to guy if you want any home extensions built. Broken music boxes aren't nice presents, silly.

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She works on the vineyard, trying to bring it back to its former glory. The original guide was written by Cyber Sushi, but I sto0pidkid was the one who made some changes.

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