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The linesman on the attacking side is responsible for the entire sideline to the end, and therefore he or she turns to face the side line.

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The referee has sole decision-making power. The ball is played on the side of the post past or below the net into the opponent's box.

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This same rule applies for standing serves. He or she makes the final decision on all points or errors. The setter has to calculate the trajectory of the hit so that the bounce is at its highest point approximately 2.

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The ball touches a part of the body other than the upper or lower arm or fist. During this time the sport spread to the surrounding, mainly German-speaking, neighboring countries, and German emigrants also spread the sport in all continents, particularly in South America and West Africa.

In addition to displaying off balls flag held upwards or good balls flag held downwards the referee is used to rule violations or other important game situations, such as substitutions, injuries, unsportsmanlike conduct etc. For indoor fistball games, and for different weather conditions in outdoor fistball games, players can use trade association-approved balls with different surfaces for example, natural leather, plastic coating, rubberized surface.

Since the indoor field size corresponds with the regular size of a handball field, the existing external lines are usually used.

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The first Fistball World Championship was held for men inand for women in In order to lower the Hannover speed dating impact of the hit, one can carefully retract the arm at the moment of impact, but this is an art that few can master.

The server's stationery foot for standing serves or first landing foot for jumping serves must be completely behind this line when serving.

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A fistball team defends Each team consists of five players, with players trying to play the ball across the net from one half of the field of play to the opponents' half — using only their arm or closed fist unlike in volleyball where open hands are allowed — in a way in which the opponents cannot return it.

For example, the ball cannot touch the head, foot, or open palm of the hand. The boundary lines belong to the field, i. It is thus as hard as a soccer ball 0. Most sets are performed by the setter, however in many situations one of the attackers will be required to set due either to positioning, or the setter having already been forced to hit in defense.

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In physical size, it is similar to a soccer ball or a volleyball. For the D-Youth under 12the height is 1.

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Serving[ edit ] Trajectory of a standard serve to an opponent's defender Force, accuracy and fluid sequence of body movements are necessary to make full effect of the service. This unconditional commitment of each player makes up the foundation of the fistball sport dynamic.

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Their task is to make Hannover speed dating on line calls, similar to a soccer linesman.