MCC Update is Live! : halo MCC Update is Live! : halo

Halo mcc matchmaking searching for players. Can't find a game of mcc matchmaking : halo

It often doesn't show anyone or only a few of the people that are online and sometimes you can't invite players.

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By Jenna Pitcher Halo: We have additional updates on the way in an effort to further improve your experience with Halo: Made an update to resolve issues that caused false matches to be created, which resulted in a variety of matchmaking issues, including slow matchmaking and bad session starts.

Keep up the great work, and I can't wait for the rest of the updates! This too was quickly fixed, tested, and released late Friday night following the first session, ensuring things were in good order for the weekend. Our data folks also need to take into account things like population size and geographic locale, among other factors.

Matchmaking success rate Time-to-match In both of these metrics, the team set baseline goals that would represent improvements over the current retail MCC offering and validate that these new updates are working as intended.

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Here are the Top 3 Likes and Dislikes as well as some quotes from our Insiders explaining their perspective.

Often after a game ends. Players have taken to online communities, such as the Halo sub Reddit and the HaloWaypoint forumsto report the matchmaking issues.

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While we saw big improvements in ratings for connectivity and build stability, there was a smaller improvement in the rating for performance issues like lag and framerate issues. The Master Chief Collection, you will be prompted to download the latest content update. Improved user experience through removal of non-actionable error messages.

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This behavior has exhibited crashing, freezing, and persistent significant frame drops. The vast majority of players were into matches in less than 38s. This will allow for a more seamless matchmaking flow with less interruption and confusion.

Additional Goals

To facilitate this data, the first flight was setup with a targeted content and experiential offering: Much more user friendly. To get a sense of the types of feedback we received from the first flight, please welcome Dr. In many ways, it really reminded me of the old, early days of playing Halo 2 or Halo 3 right before launch.

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I've played about 10 Team Slayer games and most of the time was in the opposite team of my friend. Some players claim to have been waiting for up to three hours to enter a matchmaking game. The team will continue to keep a close eye on this as we move into Flight 2. Either way, it is live!