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You don't understand the importance of the things we do in the same way that a sorority girl does. Maybe things will go different for you. With GDIs being the free samples, and sorority girls being the old faithful that will always be there for you.

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When it comes to your friends, she has their back and will be a fantastic wing woman by introducing her hot friends to your friends. We will review requests on a case-by-case basis, and if we find that your submission is sufficiently related to Greek Life, we will approve it.

Link-spamming is not tolerated. Originally Posted by dandrewporter I have to play devil's advocate a bit here. Either way he will still spend less time with you this is why Greeks date Greeks because you won't be allowed to participate with his new friends and new obligations.

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If a user is clearly karma whoring with these kinds of links, they will be banned. This is to protect our subscribers from potentially violating membership agreements they may have Sfr dating. Or maybe you'll become a sorority woman.

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Another major advantage that sorority girls come with is their classiness. Not every news story in every college newspaper about every chapter opening or closing or getting suspended needs to be posted here.

If you use language intended to Greek dating gdi people feel bad about themselves, you will be warned once, and then you will be banned.

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They feed, hunt, and gossip together. All of that meanness aside. They have the same experiences relating to rituals, learning creeds, and the pledge process that changes a person.

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We used to have a saying amongst the fraternities at my school: Rules If you want to post a survey for people to take, you need to post it as a text post, and include in the body of the post who you are, what organization you represent, what the information collected is going to be used for, who will have access to it, and whether it will be published at any point.

This analogy can be translated to the dating scene as well.

Same friends, same interests, everyone is happy. I hope that your relationship lasts.

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All Greek life-related ideas, activities, events, advice, and information belong in this subreddit. Dating the GDI is all about finding out what you really want.

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His brothers are giving him a hard time because they know it, just as I do, and they're preparing him. You haven't had that, and while you may still be supportive of him eventually things of that nature will come between you.

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Either he is going to not let you go and he will pass through their tests. Sorority girls come equipped with a large group of friends. Not only can I get a buzz on while booze shopping, but it allows me to try something new without the feeling of being tied down to this newfound beer or liquor.

Greek events are for Greeks and you're not one.

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