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The central corridor has many pit-like entrances that lead to underground rooms with dome-like ceilings. The names of the tepes were not announced due to the threat of smuggling. The project for preservation and excavation of the site was supposed to be completed by support from the German government, but no contracts have been signed yet between the two countries in this respect.

Large spots along the mid-line of Golshan online dating back may be present or absent.

The channel is stoneworked with two rows of stones and the bottom of it is covered with 40 in 40 in 7 centimeters bricks. There is also an irrigation channel belonging to the Parthian era near to the fire temple, which archaeologists have not found the relation of this channel with the fire temple yet.

Fifteen years ago, a farmer accidentally dug up some graves belonging to the Elamite period, which resulted in the discovery of some valuable items such as gold coins and clay dishes. Also, remains of a residential fortress, which is an indication of a large city once existing there around years ago, were found in Kaluraz Tepe.

Persian art and Persian miniature Sasanian floor mosaic detail from the palace of Shapur I. But I'm not surprised. The raised and walled platform consists of freestanding masonry columns employed in the temple without mortar, with a 4 meters wide flight of steps made of stone.

Then the site was neglected for 43 years until s when Ali Hakemi, an archeologist, started some excavations there. The rumors are absolutely untrue.

According to Rahbar, this stucco decoration was in the hallway, and has geometric patterns and animal designs, most probably the shapes of two lions. The inscription, which is approximately 15 meters in height and 25 meters in width, is located on a relatively inaccessible cliff meters above an ancient road connecting the capitals of Babylonia and Media, Babylon and Ecbatana.

Driehaus free speech case. He also stated that all the corpses but two were aligned toward south with burial gifts inside the graves, a tradition of pre-Islamic era persisting up to that time. Shapur II made Jundishapur his capital.

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The trapezoid-shaped basalt lava, situated meters from the sea level, with a diameter ranging from two to 2. The discovery has taken place in last week of fifth season of archaeological research in Veshnoveh.

The event can be considered a tragicomedy which originates in the unfortunate fate of the site, but is now providing a suitable opportunity for archaeological experts from all over the world to gather around for salvation of ancient sites and artifacts in the site.

Six years ago the site was covered with a temporary ceiling Golshan online dating help preserve it against rain and wind, which has been broken during the years and nobody is taking any action to prevent the destruction of this historical site.