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This is page 1 of 1 this thread has 7 messages. Flavio Vallenari Lakeside Festivities Any boat that drives by will immediately be taken back by the lights and character projections on this lakeside home.

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Always Choose Waterproof Lights There is a variety of lights to choose from. Use the Proper Outlet For starters, safety first! I'm not worried about the "elements" as much as I am about the extreme heat and cold. Start pushing the edges of that temperature range, though, and bad things start to happen.

Also the fridge you are hiring will come with continental plug so you will probably need an adaptor for that too. Inviting Entryway This home's light display may not be completely outrageous, but the homeowners certainly went through a lot of trouble to create an enchanting winter wonderland-inspired entryway with white icicle lights and blue lights strung to each and every window.

These neon-purple lights intermingle with classic reindeer figures, an inflatable Santa and candy canes, causing the bold hues to stand out even more.

Outdoor speakers for your eyes 1: I know there are "weatherproof" televisions out there, but they are expensive.

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Roof Display Rather than focusing on inflatables and decorative accessories, these homeowners wanted to emphasize the power of pure lighting.

Do you dread it? The trick is getting the heat out. Go outdoors hook up Connecting to the electric supply Customer service.

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Secure them with insulated holders never use tacks or nails. In the heat, the lifespan of internal components drops precipitously. Here in North Texas, we can see summer temps as high as degrees and winter temps in the teens.

Eye-Catching Neon Nontraditional Christmas colors are oftentimes the most eye-catching displays.

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Christmas Light Displays See 15 outrageously themed outdoor Christmas light displays. This life-size gingerbread-style home has extra-large candy pieces and lollipops above and beside every window, and peppermints even line the roof.

This type of outlet will shut the circuit down if there is overcurrent. This festive, snow-covered home looks like it could be occupied by Saint Nick himself.

This home was turned into a festive and bustling Christmas village.

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