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Realising her husband had made a major discovery, Cheryl urged her Ashley to explore that area of his life. For Cheryl's part, she says she does not grieve for the husband she lost.

Soon after the couple split, Ashley met Nathan and the two were married within the year. But once we had our Civil Partnership I knew.

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The three, who appeared on the This Morning sofa to discuss their unusual relationship, say that they are now one big happy family.

Further on, as I kept going, I realised I really did like it.

Cheryl Barrier: 'I found my gay husband a boyfriend' | Daily Mail Online

But just two years ago, her life was turned upside down when her husband Ashley discovered that he was gay. I don't want you to live a lie with me and the children. For his part, Nathan, who came out to his family when he was 13, is open-minded about the unusual situation.

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At first Cheryl, 30, felt as though her life had crumbled around her. With a handsome husband and two young daughters, her life was complete.

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Cheryl, who many would have forgiven for presuming her five year marriage to Ashley had been a sham, says she never had an inkling her husband was gay. The pornographic scenes of a heterosexual couple gave way to some scenes involving two men engaged in a sex act together.

Hopefully people can see how accepting we are. Ashley, 27, and Cheryl, 30, were happily married until Ashley realised he was gay Now, Ashley and Nathan are happily married - while Cheryl is regarded as a close family friend. We work great together.

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It was love at first sight and the pair married quickly. In the back of my mind I thought he could go back with Cheryl again. Nathan, right, came out to his family when he was 13, and says he isn't at all fazed by the unusual set-up he has with Ashley and Cheryl 'You don't just wake up one day and go, "I'm gay!

Back then, I loved it — we were Gay husband dating happy together. So is Nathan at all worried that Ashley could return to heterosexual past?

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So was it just a road to Damascus transformation? Ashley says he knew Nathan was the one as soon as they met - but that telling Cheryl was difficult. To tell her, I've moved on, I've met someone who is The One - that was hard,' he says. But instead of being angry, Cheryl found the inner strength to forgive her former husband - and even helped him to find a boyfriend.

I said to Ashley, "you have to experience that part of your life.


Now Cheryl, Ashley and his new husband Nathan, 29, regard their unusual situation as just 'one big happy family' 'There were three dates that we could get married on - and one of them was a month away, Ashley recalls. He says he was brought up with a big family, so the fact that Ashley had children - and a wife - didn't perturb him at all.

I was shocked to find I liked it,' he says.