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Lawmakers ramped up the war on drugs in the s through policies like drug-free zones to curb the crack epidemic that bred violence and havoc in minority neighborhoods across the country.

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But prosecutors dropped any mention of that chapel when it came to sentencing. Cocaine convictions in Florida are down more than half during the past decade, as violent crime rates plummeted. A few months later, Arakaki was battling another violation. He named the region Florida "land of flowers".

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Augustine, burning the city and its cathedral to the ground several times. The law first applied to offenders busted feet from K schools.

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Looking for Gainesville speed dating events? Blacks are nearly three times more likely to face a drug-free zone enhancement and account for two thirds of these convictions statewide. The court also withheld adjudication, so Arakaki would not be considered a convicted felon.

Those without a job turn to the corner, where white addicts can be spotted circling in cars — searching for a black drug dealer. He was picked up six times for driving without a license. Pine forests are separated by small family farms growing hay and strawberries.

The dealers are mostly white. I also like to try new things.

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Confidential informants noted the sales took place near a church in their reports, and prosecutors mentioned the proximity in their initial charging documents. Following the war, approximately 3, Seminole and Black Seminole were removed to Indian Territory.

I am a very carefree, go with the flow type of person. Seminoles harbored runaway blacks, known as the Black Seminolesand clashes between whites and Indians grew with the influx of new settlers.

A judge offered Arakaki the leniency of probation, then sent him to substance abuse treatment.

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The six mostly rural counties have some of the widest sentencing disparities in the war on drugs.