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The first thing you do while your waiting to get breakfast or even when your eating breakfast the T. With Television our lives don't go anywhere. Next, Pro claims that television is the primary cause of obesity in this country.

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V the fat and sugar of the food you ate dosen't turn it into energy but fat because because there is no exercise with T. Why in America is there the most obeisity?

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Finally, television not only a great tool for entertainment and education but politics and fueling the economy in general. Remember the most embarrassing moment of your life?

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Moreover, Pro leaves out the fact that television can in fact be very informative and an asset to one's education. The benefits of television greatly outweigh the potential negatives, and even the negatives can be avoided and minimized.

Everyday in the morning when you wake up.

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You don't do quality homework and you go to sleep late which makes you brain worse the next day. A minute of television could mean a minute of fat.

Since television is so appealing to young children, several shows have been developed around the concept of specifically introducing educational things in an exciting way, such as Sesame Street teaching toddlers about letters, numbers and colors, and other shows like Barney that teach social lessons about sharing, acceptance, bullying, etc [2].

So far in my debate your brain gets hurt and so does your stomach, heart and brain. Con Many thanks to my opponent for beginning this debate.

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And that leads to a distraction during your school day. In conclusion, my opponent hasn't proven that TV is the primary factor of obesity, while I've demonstrated that obesity is not necessary with television; responsible people can avoid becoming inactive and they should not be punished.

When you watch T. Dora the Explorer is another example of a TV show that encourages bilingual learning and highlights the ever-growing Spanish-American culture. Moreover, watching TV is something many people enjoy doing while they are working out in the gym, with some even calling them absolute necessities [3].

However, nowhere in the last round did my opponent prove either of these things to be true.

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In his opening argument, Skulls asserts that television makes our education decrease and our obesity increase. Man goes out on a blind date and gets more than he bargained for.

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Also, the media is how the vast majority of Americans learn about what's going on in their communities and the world at large. As everyday goes by you don't gain any knowledge. Television may not just change a day of someones life but a day of waste and a generation of suffering.

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Very creative ad for Smart Beep pagers. In short, television doesn't have to be a hindrance to one's education and in fact can be used as a tool.

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Another thing of how Television leads to obeisity is that when you eat and then watch T. Of course Pro has absolutely zero proof or indication that each person or even most people watch TV before work or school, let alone stay distracted by thoughts of television.

Ergo, this proves nothing in relation to how television affects your ability to learn. In fact many channels are established for educational purposes alone [1].

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