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Naruto's sense of humor has a tendency to cause problems in the Reaching for a Dream series.

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He lost his apatite. The other Sirens admit that Cordelia does have a point.

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What kind of rock is this! Catwoman only truly calmed down after he made her a diamond shaped like a kitten.

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In one scene in Spirited AwayChihiro is trying to refill a bathing vat for the stink-spirit and having a very hard time doing so which is hardly a surprise. His grades were below C-level Q: Justified in the sense that Okabe's Reading Steineralong with the fact that Ruka looks exactly the same as a girl meant he had no idea that Ruka's D-Mail actually worked, while to the others it just looks like he's making fun of her for no reason all of a sudden.

Because it's basic material.

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When he mentions that he helped give birth to the Scarlet Witch's children, Spider-Man replies that it has to go better than that did. In Chapter 8, Soapy Slick and all of his cronies have a good laugh at the defeated Scrooge, with Soapy humiliating him over his defeat. Why did the geologist take his girlfriend to the quarry?

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Usopp explains briefly to the crew members who didn't know about Nami's past about how her hometown was under the control of Arlong and how her adoptive mother was killed by him. In The Mouse of KonohaInoichi tries to tell Tsume this after she jokes that the Nara exist to be a legal alternative to necrophilia.

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Mountains aren't just funny, they're hill areas! HeHe I made you talk like a little boy Anyone know any jokes about sodium?

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Yubaba, who is watching from a balcony, can't help but laugh a little, but the toad-like bathhouse worker next to her who's also watching comments that he does not think it's very funny.

Buffy insists she crossed the line but Cordelia fires right back that everyone in the room has joked about somebody's death; what difference does it make that this time it was someone they "kind of knew".

Prowl smirks at the death of Chromedome's significant other, Rewind, as Chromedome's actions, under Prowl's direction, got Rewind killed.

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However, they instead resulted in some people having fatal heart attacks. It falls flat however as everyone else is laughing their asses off. Wocky and Apollo are horrified in Dirty Sympathy when a radio announcer jokes about Klavier's near strangulation by saying that he should suck on ice cubes because he has another concert to perform.

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Why do Geologists go to Lollapalooza?