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Dwight is unconvinced that anybody from the office suffers from leprosy, flesh-eating bacteria, Hot Dog Fingers, Spontaneous Dental Hydroplosion, or Government Created Nanorobot Infection. A lot has changed since those early days.

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When Sammy comes to the Bunker house to retrieve it, Archie is on his best behavior, at Funniest dating profiles until the Rat Pack legend plants a big kiss on his cheek. When things start moving faster than they expectedthey shove chocolates wherever they can hide them, including their mouths.

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Our favorite will always be Sergeant Schultz, the bumbling, overweight guard who gets easily flustered Ltd dating anxious whenever he catches Hogan or his fellow prisoners cooking up another scheme.

Any time Woody the bartender asked if he was thirsty, something hilarious was sure to come out of his mouth.

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Turns out, rumors of the death of sitcoms has been greatly exaggerated. What follows manages to be both shockingly inappropriate and some of the best TV comedy of the modern era. You hear that Elizabeth? Unless it means giving up his gorgonzola croissant sandwichesheavy on the Grey Poupon.

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The lesson is never try. In this highlight or maybe lowlightBrent volunteers to dance for charity, sharing a style that he says fused Flashdance with MC Hammer.

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Just check out this classic scene from I Love Lucy, in which Lucille Ball and her pal Ethel try not to get fired at the chocolate factory and Funniest dating profiles to their husbands that a job is easier than housework by keeping up with the conveyor belts.

So gruesome, but so, so funny. This is pure slapstick brilliance. Whether he was being crushed by volcano boulders or imploding after overeating antacid tablets, his friends always reacted with the same outrage … before quickly moving on. When he realizes his hypocrisy, he decides to make a change… but after the sandwich.

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But the poor guy always tried, like his did in this episode from season five. New father Rob played by Van Dyke is convinced that their baby was accidentally switched at the hospital with another family with their same last name, but his wife Mary Tyler Moore.

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Scripted comedy would soon be replaced with wall-to-wall reality television.